September 2, 2011

Posted by Tetu Lodge - Friday, September 02, 2011
Hey Tetu Fans!

It's hard to believe it's already the beginning of September! Where did our summer go? We've been busy and happy with the outcome of the season, except for our water levels these last 8 weeks! We have dropped another 12 feet since July-I'm pretty sure we have never seen the water quite this low in the seventeen years we have been here!

Luckily, the boys have worked very hard to continue the fine fishing this system has to offer. It's amazing how these fish will adapt to the changes like we have experienced this year.  The guides certainly earned their wages this year with so many changes and the warm temps we have had!  This has been the warmest summer I can remember!  I feel like I did when we lived in FLORIDA and the high humidity was a real challenge for our guests and staff!

As we begin to wind the season down, it gives all of us a chance to catch our breath! We were fortunate enough to have some nice, larger groups this year and we have secured them for next year as well. We enjoyed meeting so many new Tetu customers and friends!

Thanks to all of you have given us your comments or suggestions for upcoming trips-I promise that we listen to your ideas-Just the other day, someone suggested to us that we put more of the plastic hangers in the cabins instead of the wire ones, and the following day we made sure that we picked some up in Kenora and distributed them!  It's the small things that help us, along with other ideas to make your trip exactly what you want!

As you all know, we have sure been short of precipitation this year!  It's the longest we can remember without measurable rain in this area of Ontario. It's one of the strangest weather years that I can remember!

 Our plan is to stay open as long as guests want to come and fish!  Right now, our last guests will be departing the 26th of this month.  That will put me back to Minnesota around the first of October, and Ed usually behind me by just a couple of days. The dogs will be sad to leave the island! They have enjoyed their freedom and all the guests this year! Caliber has healed from her surgeries and acting like a dog again! Let's hope she has an injury-free winter!

I'll make sure I write another blog before I leave the island at the end of the month!  We thank all our Tetu guests for your visits and hope you plan your 2012 visit with us soon!

I'll also make a list of our Master Anglers soon and post it-some beautiful fish have been caught and released this year!  Stay tuned!